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Centre on Migration, Policy and Society

Oxford University

The Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) began work in October 2003, after being awarded renewable core-funding of £3.4m for its initial five-year period by the British ESRC.

The mission of COMPAS is to provide a strategic, integrated approach to understanding contemporary and future migration dynamics across sending areas and receiving contexts in the UK and EU. The centre’s work includes interdisciplinary research on key aspects of global mobility and the evaluation of national, European and international policy options and practices for effective and just migration management.

Commencing with some 15 research staff and integrating a range of existing expertise at the University of Oxford, COMPAS serves as a national hub for a far-reaching network of individuals and institutions in both academic and non-academic sectors. COMPAS organises and maintains a large-scale database, newsletter, website and information portal, expert workshops, conferences and publications. COMPAS also aims to encourage and invest in future scholars through various methods of teaching and training in migration, asylum and refugee research.



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