SLSA prize shortlists 2018

The SLSA Exec is delighted to announce the shortlists for this year’s book and article prizes. The winners will be announced at the annual dinner in Bristol on 28 March 2018.

Hart–SLSA Book Prize

Rowland Atkinson and Sarah Blandy (2016) Domestic Fortress: Fear and the new home front, Manchester University Press

Anne Barlow, Rosemary Hunter, Janet Smithson and Jan Ewing (2017) Mapping Paths to Family Justice: Resolving family disputes in neo-liberal times, Palgrave Macmillan

Janine Natalya Clark (2017) Rape, Sexual Violence and Transitional Justice Challenges: Lessons from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Routledge

Hart–SLSA Prize for Early Career Academics

Lydia Hayes (2017) Stories of Care: A labour of law, Palgrave Macmillan

Kathryn McNeilly (2017) Human Rights and Radical Social Transformation: Futurity, alterity, power, Routledge

Theory and History Prize Shortlist 2018

Margaret Davies (2017) Law Unlimited: Materialism, Pluralism and Legal Theory, Routledge

Henrique Carvalho (2017) The Preventive Turn in Criminal Law, Oxford University Press

Yaniv Roznai (2017) Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments, Oxford University Press

Socio-Legal Article Prize

Emily Grabham (2016) ‘Time and technique: the legal lives of the 26-week qualifying period’ 45 (3–4) Economy and Society 379–406

Cheryl Lawther (2017) ‘The truth about loyalty: emotions, ex-combatants and transitioning from the past’ 11(3) International Journal of Transitional Justice 484–504

Marie-Andrée Jacob (2017) ‘The strikethrough: an approach to regulatory writing and professional discipline’ 37(1) Legal Studies 137–161