Empirical Legal Research Network

University of Edinburgh

The Empirical Legal Research Network (ELRN)  was established in February 2009. The current convenor is Edward Dove.


  • serves as a nexus for those interested in empirical research and the study of law in society;
  • facilitates transdisciplinary research collaboration on topics relating to law in the real world and disseminates the results of such research to the community within and beyond the University of Edinburgh;
  • provides a resource of methodological skills and legal expertise which can be drawn on by academics, policymakers and practitioners;
  • supports and encourages a range of specialist training and knowledge exchange activities.

ELRN Research

Research undertaken by members of ELRN crosses a range of disciplines and subjects but has four inter-related areas of concern:

  • institutional and professional cultures, frameworks and practices;
  • communities, human geography and built environments;
  • families and relationships; and
  • individual health, identity and well-being.


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