Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

Oxford University

Since its foundation within the University of Oxford in 1972, the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies has become a world leader in conducting innovative, inter-disciplinary research into the interaction of law and society.

The centre consists of a group of scholars and researchers from complementary backgrounds in the law and social sciences with a view to generating new insights and practical direction on both enduring and cutting-edge issues. As a further aim the centre seeks to disseminate this knowledge to the widest possible audience internationally, to encourage the study of law, legal institutions and wider society, and to develop their practical applications. These activities are complemented by the commitment to the supervision and training of research students.

The research staff at the centre are drawn from the disciplines of law, sociology, anthropology and political science. The larger research programmes are currently: administrative law and rights of citizens; regulation and discretion; business finance and law; human rights; comparative media law and policy; and public interest law.


  • director: Linda Mulcahy
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