SLSA has 67 registered members

Medicine and law

Mansoreh Abolhassani

Queen's University Belfast

Geraldine Boyle

Open University

Jonathan Brown

University of Strathclyde

Brigitte Clark

Oxford Brookes

Beverley Clough

University of Leeds

Susannah Collins

Birmingham University

Róise Connolly


Natalie Elizabeth Corbett

Ministry of Justice/University of Exeter

Fiona Corcoran

Keele University

Sharon Cowan

University of Ediinburgh

Kevin De Sabbata

University of Leeds

Edward Dove

University of Edinburgh

Tracey Elliott

University of Leicester

Charlotte Folkard

University of Kent

Sara Fovargue

Lancaster University

Lucy Frith

University of Liverpool

Penny Gleeson

Melbourne Law School

Chris Goldsworthy

Cardiff University

Piers Gooding

Centre for Disability Law and Policy

Samantha Halliday

University of Leeds

Rosie Harding

University of Birmingham

John Harrington

Cardiff University

Christopher Hodges

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies Oxford

Maeve Hosier

Middlesex University Mauritius Branch Campus

Clare Huggett-Smith

University of Southampton

Chigoziri Michelle Jack-Osimiri

University of Northampton

Marie-Andrée Jacob

Keele University

Robert Jago

Royal Holloway

Friso Jansen

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford

Caroline Jones

Swansea University